Child Play Therapy

Play Therapy refers to a large number of treatment methods, all of which make use of the natural benefits of play. Play therapy differs from regular play in that the therapist helps the children systematically address and resolve their problems.

Since play is fun, it makes it easier for children to confront what is bothering them. Therapists use play therapy as an alternative means to the traditional ‘talk therapy’. Play therapy can be used with children who are experiencing a variety of problems including: domestic violence, divorce, bereavement, chronic illness, abuse, anxiety, depression, peer difficulties, aggression and low self-esteem.  I use a variety of different play therapy approaches and techniques in my work with children. I select and adapt interventions appropriate to the child’s age, interests, and treatment needs. For example, I may use therapeutic games, art activities, puppets, storytelling or role-playing to engage and assess children, and to help them address their treatment issues.