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Online Counselling

About online counselling:

Online counselling is also known as e-counselling, e-therapy, cybercounselling and tele-therapy.

It is an effective and efficient way to access counselling.   People who have busy schedules with little time to get to appointments, who are perhaps housebound, or live in rural communities where counselling resources are limited or not available, find online counselling to be a very accessible resource.

Online counselling may not be effective for those feeling suicidal, those who are in a crisis situation, or those who are in an unsafe relationship.  You would benefit from more immediate face-to-face therapy.

What are the steps I need to take to get online counselling:

I have partnered with a company called OnCall Health to provide online counselling.  Click below to be redirected to my profile in OnCall Health so you can see my availability and book an online appointment. 

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